Are luka and jenalyn dating

That would be a unique twist to both versions of the show. Sign In. Terms of Service. They dance like beasts. An important aspect has been the new friends and experiences we have had with the World of Dance community and how so many fans and friends have embraced us unconditionally. Are luka and jenalyn dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If the duo wins, not only will they receive a monetary prize, they will also have the opportunity to appear on Season 4 of World of Dance in the U. That would be a unique twist to both versions of the show. It doesn't feel like work at all during this competition," summed up Jenalyn.

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Q&A: Luka and Jenalyn talk NBC ‘World of Dance’ and More

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Advertiser Information. As the only Canadians on the show, we felt like underdogs and outsiders. But even after the first day, we felt so welcome and respected.


We learned so much about ourselves through the whole experience and have grown as dancers and human beings. Pinch us because it still feels like we are in a dream.

Lukas Graham – Love Someone - Luka & Jenalyn Dance Video

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Jenalyn also described what it was like being the youngest competitor in the Upper division. It was really awkward. The benefits of being in the Upper division certainly outweighed any drawbacks. They were competing side by side with some of their dance idols.

CTV Your Morning World of Dance - Luka & Jenalyn

To compete against the best in the world, Luka and Jenalyn had to pull out some of their hardest — and untested — tricks for their routines.

Are luka and jenalyn dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)