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His channel reached 1 million followers on Vine in October When Twitter announced that it was closing Vine down at the end ofSanders announced that he would continue making Vines until the app's last day.

On How to thai ladies 24,Sanders appeared as a guest on The Viewon a segment featuring Vine stars, where he was interviewed about his popularity on Vine, [24] and one of his Are talyn and joan dating was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in their section Vine after Vine.

Sanders opened his official YouTube account on March 15, He had his first YouTube collaborations throughoutconsisting on pranks, games and challenges. Up untilhis subscriber count grew at a lower rate, with around 80, subscribers at the end of that year. From the second half ofat the same time his Vine activity got slightly diminished following Twitter's announcement of Vine's forthcoming closedown, Sanders announced he would be focusing on his YouTube content from then on.

This way, he started publishing more frequent YouTube videos in more diverse formats. As of Novemberhis channel has 2. Since October 19,Thomas Sanders has run a YouTube web series called Sanders Sidesco-written with Joan, [64] in which he discusses personal or existential issues with four main characters, collectively known as the titular "Sanders Sides".

Sanders Sides consists of two seasons with a total as of November of 27 episodes released on a variable periodicity, but generally, barring occasional longer hiatuses, on a fortnightly to monthly average basis. Season 1 has 19 episodes released from October 19, to July 19, Season 2 began on September are talyn and joan dating, and as of Novemberit has 8 episodes.

Tara Strongwho had already appeared in several Vines and Sanders Shortsalso made a voice cameo in Hartman's episode. The Sanders Sides are "physical-mental projections" of Thomas' mind, [70] and represent different aspects of Thomas' [Note 1] personality. Thomas usually starts each episode as an ordinary vlog about a certain topic or dilemma.


Sometimes he is interrupted by the Sanders Sides who pop up before him, and sometimes Thomas summons them for help.

This initiates a debate where each of the Sides offers his point of view according to the personality trait he represents until they all reach a conclusion, both for Thomas and the viewers.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

All of this is combined with gags and comical, dramatic or thrilling moments between Thomas and the Sides. The Sanders Sides' names are Logan, [71] Patton, [72] Roman [73] and Virgil, [74] although at the beginning they were known respectively as Logic, Morality or Dad, Creativity or Princey, and Anxiety until they revealed their names one by one.

Logan is Thomas' logical thinking, his intelligence, and his acquired knowledge. He has the appearance of a high school teacher, wearing a black polo shirt, a blue necktie and black Warby Parker glasses. He is based on the concept of Logos by Aristotleone of the three modes of persuasion which appeals to logic and reasoning.

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He has the appearance of the typical American family dad, wearing a blue polo shirt, a cardigan tied over his shoulders and black glasses, the same Warby Parker glasses Logan sports. He is based on the concept of Pathosalso by Aristotle, another of the three modes of persuasion, this one appealing to emotions.

Thomas Sanders (entertainer)

He has the appearance of a fairytale Disney prince, wearing a white 19th-century royal suit with a golden ornament on a shoulder and a red stripe crossing the chest, and sometimes he sports a are talyn and joan dating as his weapon of choice.

He is based on the concept of both romanticism for romance and Romanticismthe artistic movement involving tales of knights and princesses as one of its themes. He sports the appearance of an emo teenager, wearing a dyed purple shirt, a dark gray hoodie with purple patches, his hair all over his face and eyeshadow under his eyes.

His name is based on the Are talyn and joan dating name Vergilius which, although it is of unknown meaning, experts theorize it derives from "vigil" or "vigilant", and also on the Roman poet Virgilwho appears as a character on Dante's Infernoa video game based on Dante's Divine Comedywhere he escorts Dante through the Underworld. Though often critics classified Sanders as a baritone[86] Thomas considers himself a bass singer.

He has performed songs in a wide variety of genres, but he has personally showed a preference towards jazz music, mentioning Nat King Cole as one of his favorite singers.

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Archived from the original on January 28, Retrieved September 5, Walk the Prank. No one else is in on the joke, Twix. No one else is in on the joke, Mars Inc. The joke revolves entirely around there being jack gay dating app Twix bars in a package— side by side!

Hee haw ha ho! They just make commercials of KitKats breaking to the rhythm of that original jingle and my brain fills in the lyrics. They just remind people that KitKats exist and then people want a KitKat.

They were pescetarian, that is, they avoided eating meat but ate fish and any other kind of food. They would later become full vegan and started avoiding any kind of product of animal origin. They first started using the name Joan for the public in their Tumblr are talyn and joan dating, their first documented instance being in July However, their last credited appearance as Jonah was in Thomas Sanders: Halloween Thriller Vlogreleased on October 30,and had been using indistinctly both Jonah and Joan in their daily life before that date as well.

Up tothey were sporadically credited as Jonah, and more often with their Vine user name, Joner Strokes. Before that date, they had never used the name Joan for credits. Their grandmother was a Filipino immigrant to America who had a difficult life because of racism against her by Joan's own great-grandmother, who lived in the house where their grandmother was living, and whose son eventually married, to have children, Joan's father among them.

Joan refuses to open a Twitter account, not even to interact with their followers, because Joan doesn't find Twitter or social media in general appealing for them. Joan only owns an Instagram account and a Tumblr blog where they occasionally posts their thoughts, about their are talyn and joan dating or not, and interacts with their followers.

I'm iffy on social media altogether. The people that have kind things to say, and that want to interact with me are really great- but social media requires a lot of upkeep, and it's very performative; I don't like performing constantly in that way.

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