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Kelly at a young age. Boom In addition to acting, Aaliyah served as an executive producer of the film's soundtrack , where she contributed four songs. Dame dash and aaliyah dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

To those who were dear and close to 22 yr. One of those close was her boyfriend, music mogul, Damon Dash. Nothing prepares you for that," Dash tells Billboard. Dame and Aaliyah's relationship grew from a friendship that had sprung when they met through his accountant close to Soon thereafter the couple was inseparable, smooching in snapshopts and roaming from movie premieres, softball games to the Hamptons.

Photos: Aaliyah and Her Famous Friends. There were rumors of a relationship between R. Kelly and Aaliyah and the marriage, if it happened, is an apparent verification of that.

One of the theories is that Aaliyah developed feelings for R. Kelly and was taken by surprised when he arranged for the pair to marry in his homestate of Illinois. The marriage was annulled in February Kelly denied being married to Aaliyah sometime after the marriage was apparently annulled. This was noted by biographer Christopher John Farley as dame dash and aaliyah dating in present-tense, adding that it was not explaining if he meant that he had never been married and that he was only currently not.

Aaliyah did the same for the most part, but denied ever being married, in a interview.

Damon Dash and Aaliyah had plans to get married.

According to her biopic, the singer married R. Kelly without her parents' knowledge. When she and R. Kelly revealed the marriage to them, her father threatened to press statutory rape charges against R. Kelly if the marriage was not annulled.

Aaliyah was devastated over the relationship being ended and even further when R. Kelly married Andrea Lee. According to Brandy, she met Aaliyah when she was around fifteen years old and the two were dame dash and aaliyah dating to each other at a rehearsal for the Soul Train Awards.

Brandy remembered being "so excited to meet her because she was the first girl on the scene", explaining that Aaliyah had came out before either Brandy or Monica debuted and she served as an inspiration for both of them.

Dame Dash ‘Tried To Steal Beyoncé From Jay Z’ Before Dating Aaliyah

Brandy could recall an industry that did not believe in "kid acts" which only added to how special Aaliyah was at the time. Brandy told Aaliyah how much she loved her and Aaliyah said the same thing in return, Brandy remembering it as "a great moment" she would never forget.

The two performed at a radio event together. Brandy had to perform before her and saw Aaliyah in the stand where the artists were sitting, where she was "bobbing her head, really being supportive" of her. Brandy added, "It felt like [there] was no competition, or any of that. She was just very, very supportive. Then when she got on to perform, the entire place was singing her songs word for word, and so I was I.

I was trying to sing louder than everybody else so she can hear that I knew her stuff and that I was being just as supportive as she was to me. She recalled Aaliyah sending her flowers, congratulating her on her performance and saying how proud she was.

At the time, the two were put agains each other by the media, a stark contrast to what Aaliyah had done. Brandy thought it was very big of Aaliyah to support her. Brandy would summarize her feelings of Aaliyah, "She will forever be an inspiration to me. I love her and want to send love and positive energy out to her dame dash and aaliyah dating and fans that love her.

Timbaland first met Aaliyah after she signed to Atlantic Records and began working on her second album. Timbaland developed a friendship with her that would last until her death.

He was featured in the music video for " We Need a Resolution ". Timbaland admitted in that he was in love with Aaliyah but would not act out on his feelings because of their age difference and because she was underage. Instead, he sought to act in a brotherly role towards her, but found it difficult to control his feelings for her. Immediately after Aaliyah died, Timbaland said speed dating team building questions lost half of his creativity to her.

Timbaland said apart from her music, she was a brilliant person. Timbaland was against her television biopic in and held off on seeing the film. When he finally did see it, dame dash and aaliyah dating, he was against it further and felt making a film about her without the consent of her family was disrespectful especially since the family had also lost Aaliyah's father Michael Haughton.

Aaliyah met Missy Elliott after looking for collaborators for her sophomore album. Missy Elliott worried that she would be a diva, but was surprised by Aaliyah's personality, which was the opposite of her expectations. She was intimidated about meeting her as well since Aaliyah already was an established artist and she and Timbaland were starting out. Aaliyah made her along with Timbaland feel like family. Missy Eliott has said she misses Aaliyah every day. She denied being involved in a posthumous Aaliyah album in August shortly after the release of " Enough Said ".

Aside from Aaliyah, she also has a friendship with her brother Rashad and tweeted him during the premiere of her biopic to make sure he and Dame dash and aaliyah dating mother were alright.

According to DMX, she personally approached him about appearing in the film. The two worked on the duet " Back in One Piece " and filmed it together. After Aaliyah's death, DMX had an emotional message written for dame dash and aaliyah dating aired on television.

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The gritty beats just don't stop on 'One in a Million,' which, a la Jackson, has one track after another aching for sensual choreography. Kelly, who produced Aaliyah's hits 'Back and Forth' and 'At Your Best You Are Love ,' took a girl with admittedly thin vocal chops—but a truckload of poise and precocity—and turned her into the most convincing studio-produced marvel this side of 'Control'-era Janet Jackson.

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Damon Dash "Jay Knew Aaliyah First"

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Dame dash and aaliyah dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)