Dan and blair start dating

She tried with Nate, she tried with Dan and briefly, with Dan AND Hillary Duff , which was weird for everyone involved and watching , she tried with Dan's secret half-brother, and I think she even hooked up with Chuck, but no. Dan also seemed capable of getting over his Serena Blake Lively hangup when he was with Blair though she was never fully over Chuck, even when she was with Dan. They both end up in a serious, life-threatening car accident when paparazzi tail them continuously after Ivy sends Gossip Girl a blast, informing her on Chuck and Blair 's whereabouts. She also told him she would use her soon-to-be fortunes from Waldorf Designs to support them both. In her quest, she ruins a party in Dan's honor but he forgives her, and agrees to help her find out who she really is Despicable B. Dan and blair start dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Blair–Dan relationship

Not only did he appear untrustworthy and underhanded but he seemed too focused on carnal activities as well. Think of the many times he tried to hit on someone or force himself on someone. Where is the loyalty dan and blair start dating either of them? One of the many traits that Chuck and Blair share-- other than general selfishness and shallowness-- was their nearly unbreakable pride.

Both characters usually stuck to their beliefs regardless of the negative consequences on themselves or others.

We see this deeply ingrained pride when Chuck came face-to-face with losing his fortune. She also told him she would use her soon-to-be fortunes from Waldorf Designs to support them both. However, Chuck immediately rejected her and her offer, basically choosing poverty over her support.

How touching. Whether it was to prove their ability to succeed to their peers or each other, the couple would go to any lengths to be victorious in their aspirations. If they had to use each other as potential collateral, they would do it. In an attempt to salvage her broken ego after being rejected by Yale, Blair tried to restore her former title as the queen of her peers.

So, she utilized her best weapon to win the spot: her boyfriend Chuck. She even expressed no remorse for using her own boyfriend for her manipulation. The dynamic between Chuck and Blair may seem to be only about games, but there seems to be more to them than that.

They constantly try to one-up each other not just for the satisfaction but, occasionally, push the other to achieve more. Although they can seem quite shallow at times, they do try to be there for each other the best that they can. Understandably, anyone else would quickly decline this type of deal.

Although Blair believed she agreed on her own, Chuck actually sold her off to his uncle. And yet, each time, they seem to move past them and come together once again. So when faced with being implicated in a crime, the two find a way to, yet again, survive. Chuck watched as he struggled but did not offer to help him. What do they do? From manipulation to covering up crimes, their time together was nothing close dan and blair start dating a fairytale.

The actors who play Chuck and Blair were all too aware of their relationship issues. Even actress Leighton Meester feared the consequences of displaying such a problematic relationship on TV.

She stated"I hope that young women aren't looking at this [Chuck and Blair] and thinking 'I should model my relationships after this' because there was some domestic violence in there. The pilot episode of Gossip Girl laid the foundations for sexy women galleries audience to get to know each character.

We see Serena return home after being MIA for several months. We are introduced to newcomer Dan and his family. Moreover, we learn that Chuck is a complete creep who tried to assault not one, but two characters. Not only did Chuck try to take advantage of Serena earlier in the episode but he also preyed on Jenny as well. In yet another crossroads moment in their relationship, Chuck and Blair decided another grand gesture for their relationship would be the way to repair things.

The season 3 finale had the couple meeting at the top of the Empire State building if they wanted to be together. Having suffered yet another broken heart thanks to Blair, Chuck decided the best way to get over Blair was getting with someone else.

After Blair decides to stay married as to not ruin her family's future, Dan promises to be there for her The Backup Dan. When Blair returns dan and blair start dating her honeymoon, she decides to bring Dan and Serena back together for Valentine's Day. However, her plan backfires when Dan kisses her and she surprises herself by kissing back. Despite her feelings, she tells him that they can't be dan and blair start dating because of the prenup and the dowry Crazy Cupid Love.

At the hospital, they finally realize their true feelings for each other and enter into a relationship The Princess Dowry. Soon after, they attempt to consummate their relationship but are disappointed when the first time is awkward and terrible. After they both get drunk, they hook up in the elevator in the VDW building and decide that they connect "sexually" as well as intellectually Con Heir.

Blair receives her divorce papers, but doesn't sign them. Dan finds out that Chuck paid her dowry and assumes that that's why she didn't sign. However, she admits to him that she didn't sign because she wasn't ready to stop being a princess yet.

To solve her problem, he dresses her up in a gown and brings her to the Met steps to meet some fans of hers It-Girl Interrupted.

In Salon of the Deadthey clash over who's world they want to let their relationship live in. To reach a consensus, they host a salon that ends up getting crashed by Serena, Nate, Chuck, and Lola RhodesSerena's cousin.

It ends up failing, but they decide to try and make things work anyway. After reading that Dan is highbrow while she is lowbrow, Blair plots to make herself more relevant. In her quest, she ruins a party in Dan's honor but he forgives her, and agrees to help her find out who she really is Despicable B.

He invites Blair to come with him, but she dances around giving him an answer. After finding out she's back to scheming with Chuck, he lies to her that he lost the fellowship to someone else. However, she finds out that isn't true and encourages him to take it, dan and blair start dating.

She agrees to go with him what to ask someone you re dating Italy, despite Dan wondering why she hasn't said she loves him back yet The Fugitives. In the finale The Return of the Ringpages from Blair's diary are released, in those pages Blair admits she is afraid of her never being able to love someone as much as she loves Chuck even though the relationship with Dan was good and she felt intellectually stimulated.

This statement upsets Dan. She steals his phone to keep him from seeing, but he sees anyway. He tells her that if she cares about him, she'll meet him at the Shepherds' divorce party to tell him. She debates whether to go, but ultimately chooses to end their relationship to be with Chuck. Meanwhile Serena meets Dan at the Sheperd's and tells him that his love for "Blair" was based on the character he created but not on the real Blair, she tells Dan that the dan and blair start dating Blair" has always loved scheming and that it will always be a part of her nature.

Blair-Dan Relationship

Dan does not trust Blair and finally decides to hook up with Serena after she confesses her love for him. Read These Stories Next:. Sick Of TV? Things have looked grim for women in television, both in front of and behind the camera. Amazon, however, is stepping up to the plate and striking. But, without one key character: the mystery blogger that. Ah, Orange Is the New Black. Not to mention my aforementioned rooting for Lily and Rufus, and my discomfort with step-siblings getting it on.

In things I try to pretend never happened: remember how Chuck attempted to dan and blair start dating assault Jenny in the first season, and then later she ended up losing her virginity to him willingly? I've blocked it from memory. They've had the hots for each other since hooking up in the original OMFG moment that had parents everywhere freaking out, on a hotel bar that neither of them were old enough to legally be in um, come to think of it, aren't they still underage?

Dubbed the Golden Couple by Gossip Girl herself, the luscious locks between the two are reason enough for them to get back together: their future child could challenge Kate Middleton for best hair ever. Plus, let's be honest: these two are on a similar intellectual level which is, well…they're pretty.

So pretty. She tried with Nate, she tried with Dan and briefly, with Dan AND Hillary Duffwhich was weird for everyone involved and watchingshe tried with Dan's secret half-brother, and I think she even hooked up with Chuck, but no. Vanessa's relationships just never worked. Sorry V, at least you have your boho accessories to keep you company. She asks him about his trip to the Hampton, to which he responds to staying at CeCe's house.

She asks if he will take her to the Hampton as she will need to get away from the city after she ends things with Louis. Over the next few episodes, Blair is found who sings older women trouble keeping the pregnancy a secret and begins having morning sickness. Things get more difficult when Louis's sister, Princess Beatrice, comes to town.

When she hears Blair 's morning sickness in the bathroom, she begins to assume that Blair has gone back to being bulimic. She decides to invite Blair to a feast dan and blair start dating be sure. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Dan is still trying to stop the publishing of his book, so that he will not be rejected by his closest friends and family. He calls Serena on the phone and asks her how she went through Lily's bank account so that he can go to Vanessa's bank dan and blair start dating look for the publisher, but she tells him that it was all Chuck's doing, driving him to go searching for Chuck.

To his horror, he finds Chuck getting beaten up by a group of men. He attempts to stop the men unsuccessfully, but when Chuck tells them to stop, he reveals that the men were not real criminals and he paid them to hurt him, much to Dan 's astonishment.

This leads Dan to search for Blair and inform her about Chuck's dom mazzetti vs single ladies dilemma so that he get him the helps that he wants. Meanwhile, at the feast, Blair begins to feel sick and searches for an excuse to run to the bathroom without arising suspicion. She begins to silently pray to God for a way out, and once she finishes, she sees Dan at the front of the door.

Blair drags him to the toilet and orders him to guard the door. Dan announces that Chuck is getting himself into trouble again, but Blair brushes it off, stating that he's merely doing it to get her attention.

Once Dan hears Blair throw up, he begins wonders what is wrong with her and, like Beatrice, assumes that she has gone back to her previous bulimic ways. He voices out his concern and Blair leaves the dan and blair start dating stall, stating that she was not bulimic, but instead pregnant.

However, Beatrice walks into the bathroom just as Blair reveals her pregnancy to Dan. The both of them are shocked, but agree to keep it a secret.


Afterwards, Blair arrives at Dan 's loft once again, revealing to him that she is uncertain who the father of her unborn child is. He encourages her to take a test, but she refuses, stating that she'll lose her fairytale if Chuck is the actual father. Dan responds that she will still have him. However, Blairbeing her usual self, still tries to avoid taking the test, but after much persuasion from Danshe eventually does, and announces that the father is Louis.

She then tells Louis that she's pregnant, much to his dan and blair start dating. Soon afterwards, Serena, Nate, Chuck, Louis's mother, Eleanor and Cyrus all know about Blair 's pregnancy, and she decides not to keep anymore secrets regarding her unborn child.

Dan decides that it is time for him to tell Blair about his feelings for her, unrequited or not, when she comes and visits him at his loft, feeling heavy-hearted and dejected. She tells him that she wishes to be happy again, but has forgotten how to be.


dan and blair start dating After a very emotional phone call with Chuck, Blair enters Dan 's living room heartbroken, looking devastated and emotionally drained.

Dan decides to attempt and bring Chuck and Blair together again, as this is what Blair wants. He decides to keep his feelings for Blair quiet and bottled up, only letting Serena know how he feels about her. Dan leads both Chuck and Blair individually into an enclosed candlelight room.

Once they both come face-to-face, Dan closes the door and shows himself out, leaving them both alone. Then, he engages in a discussion with Serena, telling her that it would be wrong to him to reveal his feelings about Blair to her.

The Best and Worst Couples of Gossip Girl (XOXO to All of Them)

Serena to tells him that he's one of the good guys. While Blair and Chuck are whisked away in a town car, planning on running away together, Blair decides that she wants to raise her unborn child with Chuck.

They both end up in a serious, life-threatening car accident when paparazzi tail them continuously after Ivy sends Gossip Girl a blast, informing her on Chuck and Blair dan and blair start dating whereabouts. The accident causes Serena, who is alongside Nate and Danto be more furious at Gossip Girl then ever before, and blames her entirely for the accident caused. Dan momentously states that she Gossip Girl didn't jump on one of the motorcycles and chase Chuck and Blair down the road, but Serena angrily responds that the accident is merely the result of all the amount of damage that Gossip Girl has caused throughout the years.

Nate agrees, and he Serena begin planning on taking Gossip Girl down for good, to avenge Chuck and Blair. In the next episode, Blair learns that she lost the baby in the accident, much to her depression and despair, and she immediately bursts into tears when the news reaches her.

She becomes even more terrified when Serena tells her that Chuck is in serious danger, due to losing a large amount of blood. This drives her dan and blair start dating make a secret deal with God, promising Him that if he saves Chuck's love flirt msg, she would marry Louis and not go back to being with Chuck. Once she makes the promise, the nurse informs her that Chuck is asking for her.

She decides that this means that God has honored their promise, and chooses to further her relationship with Louis, so that Chuck will be safe, as she couldn't bare losing him.

She informs Dan about her deal and tells him to keep it a secret, to which he agrees, so that he will get to spend more time with her. Soon, only Dan and Serena know about Blair 's promise. She begins avoiding Chuck and Louis, who collaborate to find out what was going on with Blair, and find pictures of Dan and Blair together in New York, learning that the only man she's not avoiding is Dan Humphrey.

Dan goes with Blair to her wedding dress fitting, and she gets upset due to the fact the the dress shows everything she has lost. Dan tells her that she should change her mind about marrying Louis, dan and blair start dating she insists on pursuing the wedding, stating that she is committed to him.

Dan & Blair - Dair ''you'll still have me'' Scene 5x02 Gossip Girl

dan and blair start dating Both Louis and Chuck think that Blair must be having an affair with Danas this is why she is so distant with everyone but him. They worry about her, and when asked if she is indeed having an affair with Danshe immediately denies. Soon later, she finds Louis's wedding vows, and is pleasantly stunned with how accurately he describes her and how much love the vows display.

She tells Serena that she feels as if Louis had "Peered into her Soul"and now is happy with the decision she had made, believing that Louis is the one for her. However, unknown to BlairDan was the one who wrote the vows, after Louis asked him to.

Dan and blair start dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)