Paper forensics and age dating

His initial research, observations and publication gave rise to the current approach for testing ink age. Speckin Erich J. All Rights Reserved. Inks appearing on questioned documents may be examined for the purpose of comparing with other inks on the same document, with ink on other documents or even with ink in seized pens. Ireland beat Italy at fall and the forecast hits Clark and makes information that you care in modern society. Paper forensics and age dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Ink Testing and Paper Examinations How can ink analysis and paper examinations help determine when a document paper forensics and age dating produced? Ink Dating and Ink Aging. Optical and chemical analysis can be conducted on paper to help establish if document fraud has been committed. Contact us today for a FREE consultation regarding your case. Lodi, CA Washington D. Search Search for:. Contact Specify the entries in question and include a notation to indicate that a comparison is to be made between certain inks or between inks on documents and inks in writing pens.

Sometimes the date of a written ink entry on its own or else relative to other entries on the same document is questioned. Chemical tests can be conducted that may determine how long the ink has been on the document and whether a document entry has been falsely dated. Documents bearing such entries may be single page documents or bound documents, such as journals, calendars or diaries.

A destructive technique is used for this examination, i. Ink dating may be performed on ballpoint pen inks. Even then, the research showed some inks had reproducible aging characteristics that could be reliably measured with gas chromatography.


His initial research, observations and publication gave rise to the current approach for testing ink age. It is paper forensics and age dating to determine that an entry on a questioned document was placed on that document at a time other than that indicated.

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Speckin Forensic Ink Dating Technique 4 28 98

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Ink and Paper Analysis / Trace Evidence / Questioned Document Examination

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Paper forensics and age dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)