Woman wants to look like angelina jolie

Credit: Instagram However, she used a mixture of make-up and Photoshop to create the images. After causing a flurry of internet speculation Sahar appeared to confirm she had had cosmetic surgery but insisted she never wanted to look like A-lister Jolie. Saudi chemical giant profits dive over low prices. Woman wants to look like angelina jolie [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Powered by. Credit: Instagram Sahar Tabar now posted side-by-side images of herself in real life vs herself as 'Angelina', having confirmed that she never wanted to look like the A-lister and was just messing around for fun. Credit: Instagram However, she used a mixture of make-up and Photoshop to create the images. Credit: Instagram Fans always suspected she was using Photoshop to an extent, because the background of her photos are sometimes warped weirdly.

Credit: Instagram There are also quite a few photos of what she looked like pre-surgery, and before she warped her face in all sorts of mad directions with Photoshop.

Zombie Teen Sahar Tabar Reveals 'Angelina Jolie' Face Is Fake

Next Up. That was not my aim. Now the teenager from Tehran has taken to the social media platform to reveal what she actually looks like - and it couldn't be more different. She has shared two images on Instagram earlier this month.


One is unedited and one shows Sahar as her 'look-a-like' alter ego. In the unedited images Sahar looks nothing like her spooky online persona fans of the account have come to expect. The photos will confirm the suspicions of those on social media who doubted the images when Sahar first went viral.

At the time many people pointed to the warped backgrounds of her photos as evidence the images had been manipulated. By Amy Coles. Sahar Tabar, 20, from Tehran, who caused controversy last year when she claimed to have had over 50 surgeries to resemble the actress, before admitting that she was actually just really good at Photoshop has yet again managed to shock her followers.

'Zombie Girl' Who Wanted To Look Like Angelina Jolie Actually Looks Like This

In her latest look, Sahar used her skills to make her arms look dangerously thin, combined with white contact lenses and her trademark exaggerated nose and lips. Send to a friend Close.


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Creepy Angelina Jolie ‘lookalike’ reveals her real face

Do you remember the Angelina Jolie lookalike who supposedly got plastic surgery to resemble the star? The pictures of her were actually just really good Photoshop jobs from the Instagrammer, who managed to fool a lot of people online.

Woman wants to look like angelina jolie [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)