Bedwetting chat rooms

The good news is that you can get help. Who's at risk? Teenagers and young adults may be embarrassed by this problem. I started them that day, then wet the bed that night. Bedwetting chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Perhaps, if you did have the time to monitor your chatrooms, you might have discovered that many of the younger children meet early in the mornig and they discuss a great many things which have nothing to do with diapers.

And they are the ones who must suffer because, it seems, you have decided that bedwetting chat rooms the good as well as the bad is acceptable, bedwetting chat rooms. Is this all that freedom of speech in America means to you? For anything to succeed and prosper, a fair amount of effort and attention is required: this includes message boards and chatrooms. I also disagree with some of the medical opinions you have stated as if they were assured. The reason western medicine and law is termed a practice is because much of it is theoretical; it is not an exact science.

If you had researched this a bit further you would have found professions who also disagree with many of their own associates. I sincerely hope my comments may help you to reconsider. Cathy -Parent I am disappointed in your decision to close the adult chat room. I agree that their are people who don't belong there, but as a life-long bedwetter, I have tried and failed to stop bedwetting with meds and alarms.

My doctor has left it up to me on how to manage this problem, and I chose to use diapers and plastic pants. I have met some great people in this chat room, so please reconsider your decision.

Art, adult bedwetter I was saddened by your message. I am a true bedwetter at the age of Not a diaper lover or adult baby - terms I only became aware of as I searched the ineternet for support and to support those afflicted with this problem; of any age! I still look for advice and new ways to possibly cure myself, and appreciated the bedwetting chat rooms with which the forum was created.

Bedwetting in children: ask an expert

Diaper are just a by-product of the problem - never a solution! Thanks so much for trying This spell is different in that, I've had eye twitches and pain in my right eye. The pins and needles feeling is now in my tongue and now I've wet the bed twice. It's been two weeks and I still have the foggy brain thing happening. I was DX with Fibromyalgia a few years ago but the doc daid that would not be causing the eye or tongue symptoms.

I bedwetting chat rooms even know bladder function was an issue with MS until reading this. I do have an appointment with my neuro on Friday. If nothiing is done, I guess I will have to find a new doctor.

You may want to see a Urologist as they can do some specialized tests on the bladder. Good Wishes sent to you in this process on trying to get some answers. Log in Remember Me? For both kids and parents, it remains one of the most stigmatized childhood conditions.

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Kimberly-Clark has gone out of its way to reduce the embarrassment factor associated with buying bed-wetting products. Consumers will have the option of buying single pairs of the boxers in a cardboard tube with a peel-off label so children can conceal its contents.

Multiple pairs will be available with regular packaging. Keider says.


Ads for the new shorts aim to be discreet. Past ad campaigns for Kimberly-Clark's bed-wetting products bedwetting chat rooms the anxiety the problem brings and the relief the product offers. Instead, they highlight the comfort of a normal bedtime routine, such as stories and star-gazing, and use the tagline, "You have better things to talk about at bedtime than bedwetting.

Managing Bedwetting in Children

Kimberly-Clark is using the Web to take the campaign directly to kids. Requests for photographs are not allowed. Please report offenders at: abuse wetbusters.

Bedwetting in Teenagers and Young Adults

Diaper lovers, diaper fetish, teen babies, infantilism, adult babies, wetting fetish, and wetting for fun are not allowed in the chatrooms or on the bedwetting chat rooms boards. The two kids' chat rooms and bulletin boards are for kids and teens.

Adults should please use the adults chat room and bulletin boards in the Adult Bedwetters Area.


Bedwetting in teenagers and young adults can be more complex than in children. You must talk to a health professional with special training in bladder problems. You should see a doctor, continence nurse advisor or continence physiotherapist. This health bedwetting chat rooms will review the problem. They will do a physical check and some tests.

One test may check how well your urine flows. For this test you pass urine in private into a toilet. Another test can check if your bedwetting chat rooms empties out fully. You may also be asked to do a bladder diary at home. Treatment can take a few months to work. If you only take the medicines or use the alarm now and then, it may not work at all.

Bedwetting chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)