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His has been the backbone of the benzo community for a long time. Dec 5, Benzodiazepines—and the chemically distinct, but very similar acting, 'z-drugs'—are prescribed most commonly to treat anxiety and insomnia. Benzo withdrawal chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Those who have taken benzodiazepines for longer periods of time, or who have been taking higher doses, will benzo withdrawal chat room more intense symptoms of withdrawal.

Since benzodiazepines can lead to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, a tapered approach is generally employed during detox. Individuals do not stop taking the medication suddenly; instead, they are slowly tapered off the medication over a period of weeks or months under medical supervision.

In some instances, if hertfordshire dating free person has been taking or abusing short-acting benzos, they may be switched to a long-acting benzo and then tapered off that medication. There are great variations in how long withdrawal takes between long-acting and short-acting benzodiazepines.

In addition, the personal factors mentioned above greatly affect specific withdrawal timelines. More often than not, doctors give very bad advice. In fact, the advice has been fatal in some cases. The most telling part of my blog is the ten-month gap in posts.


The silence says benzo withdrawal chat room about the utter horror of benzo withdrawal than any words I could have penned. Patients and professionals benzo withdrawal chat room often rely on benzos as a solution for mental and emotional problems.

Do you feel people are too quick to jump to psychiatric medication to solve such issues? But there are reasons why we turn to psych meds so quickly. Only two countries allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise on television: The United States and New Zealand. The media brainwashes us into being pill poppers. We have been taught to "ask our doctors if XYZ medication is right for us. Our emotional problems are made worse by our growing disconnection from each other because of our reliance on technology for communication.

We feel isolated and alone. We need fewer pills and more caring face-to-face community. Your blog recounts your recovery in a brutal, honest fashion. Do you find that this blunt style often missing from the benzo conversation?


Even though reports show that 1 out of 5 Americans takes a psych med, there is still a stigma attached. People who are prescribed a benzo may feel that taking it signifies that they are weak or maladjusted in some way.

When people attempt to discontinue the drug and all hell breaks loose, they are often ashamed of the symptoms withdrawal can cause. Even in benzo withdrawal chat room benzo circles, people will talk about their body symptoms in detail, but omit the mental or emotional symptoms. I fought for my survival and sanity every second of those days I couldn't write. People write to me from all around the world.

Benzo Discussion Groups

They are so relieved to discover that the cause of their problems is the benzo and not them. They are desperate for knowledge and hope.

Just outta Hospital- Benzo and Xanax Withdrawal

The Benzodiazepine Recovery Facebook Group is a discussion group for people dealing with benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal. This group wants to spread the word on benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and help others heal.

The resources listed are provided as a courtesy and are for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or approval by the owner of this site for any information, products, advice, or services contained therein. There is a fine line benzo withdrawal chat room suggestions, personal experience, and advice.

Some advice is good, but some can be life-threatening.

Support Forums for Benzo Withdrawal: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable members are not able to discern the difference. Many people are very angry at the medical establishment for their benzodiazepine injury, and that sometimes results in patients becoming entirely anti-medicine. One of my friends developed MRSA pneumonia and was prescribed antibiotics. She was told by several forum members to skip the antibiotics and try colloidal silver. The worst case scenario is that people do not seek needed medical care based on the advice of other members.

Patients who become ill from their benzo withdrawal chat room benzodiazepine often have their dose increased or are given other medications to treat the symptoms, with the assumption they have developed a new medical condition or their psychiatric condition has worsened.

Many patients bounce from doctor to doctor receiving multiple negative tests and no diagnosis. Most health care providers are not adequately trained in recognizing benzodiazepine tolerance, side effects, or benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and are ill-trained in utilizing slow taper protocols. Current tapering guidelines espoused by the medical community are too fast for many online dating plattformen eventually end up on the forums.

It provides no other instruction except that some patients may require a more gradual reduction. Many, once benzo withdrawal chat room have problems withdrawing, are treated with the standard addiction model and sent to rehabbut a traditional step model is not effective for those with prescribed drug dependence.


In-person support resources from the medical community tailored for patients with dependence are mostly nonexistent. Consequently, patients are are often left to taper off benzodiazepines alone. This needs to change. While these forums are invaluable, they are a sign of a broken system. It is imperative that providers are educated and involved in the withdrawal process.

Benzo withdrawal chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)