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Zen Jumin. Never mind deep story, another story, wrecks you on every level possible. But its so addictive lol. Seven, Finally? Chat room schedule mystic messenger [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Jumin Han Jaehee. Find the cat. Staying at the office. I need to see it with my eyes. Castle in the mountain. Elizabeth 3rd. Jaehee Jumin. If I see Elizabeth 3rd again…. Unstable Seven. Return VS Safety.

Errorrrr in my head. Jaehee Kang Jumin. Return to the right place. Jaehee Kang V. Yoosung Zen Jaehee Jumin. Strange alarm. Perhaps my head is broken. The sender of the email. It was for Yoosung. Yoosung Jaehee Zen. New business idea. What Yoosung and Jumin think. The system is back on. Bad Story Ending 1: I want to hear from them. Good time with mom. The truth of the special security system.

I can't believe Rika did that. Two different reaction. Jumin Han Jaehee Zen. The secret that Seven has been keeping. I miss my mom. Shaking Faith. Bad Story Ending 2: Do not leave us. What a relief. Calm down.

Chat Room Timings

Goodbye greetings. Our plan. Truth Revealed. Data Filled with Riddles. V's Insecurity. Ill Will and Hypocrite. Seven's Plea. Zen's View. Zen V Yoosung. How We Take in Sadness. Secrets Revealed. Finishing Up On a Stormy Day. Jumin Zen. V's Concern. Jumin Jaehee. Need Some Fresh Air. Passion Red.

Yoosung's Heaven.

[NO SPOILERS] Mystic Messenger: Game tips!

Heading Towards Doubtful Family. His Idea of Family. Staying Calm. Jumin One's Own Reasons. Miss You, I Feel Lonely. Ray Yoosung. How to Cope with Risks. Jumin Yoosung Zen. Bad Story Ending 1. Bad Relationship Ending 1. Seven's Status Report. Emergency in RFA. Jumin Zen Jaehee Ray. V Ray.

Conciliation Towards Seven. Ray It's All My Fault. Ray Rika. Opposition and Debacle. V Rika. Pass the Baton. Seduction of the Moon. Stop It.


Third Person Perspective. Rika's Feelings. Reason Trying to Stop Her. You Change Me. Seven's Persuasion. I Missed You All. Bad Story Ending 2. Bad Relationship Ending 2. I Want to Talk to You. See You Soon. Her Thoughts. Rika Jaehee. Yoosung's True Feelings. Yoosung Rika. Jumin Rika. My Defeat. Jaehee Ray. Bad Story Ending 3. Rika V.


Jumin Zen Yoosung Jaehee. Building of Dreams. Unforseeable Life. Small Coincidence. Swamp of Emptiness. Busy on a fine day. Zen Jaehee V. Always New. Yoosung Zen Suddenly Afraid. At the top of the work pile. To become the child of darkness.

Continuously Thinking. Jaehee Yoosung The Roots of Pathetic. Hello, I don't know if it is a glitch but for day 9 of Jumin's route, my second chatroom time opened at am, not am. Also, thanks so much for the other times, it's very helpful. Casual Story 1st Day If you didn't start the game from the first chat, you can't read the previous because it won't show, but I think it doesn't matter that much.

Labels: chat roommystic messengertimetableyoosung's routeZen's route. Jumin forevah September 23, at PM. Aquiella September 24, at AM. Nekokenmacat -Delhaia September 26, at PM.

Aquiella September 26, at PM. Sarah Nurrahmani October 17, at AM. Aquiella October 19, at AM. Unknown November 2, at PM. This chat takes place whenever you first start a new story and includes opportunities to earn hearts from Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin and Although you can earn hearts from Jumin and in Casual mode, these character routes are only available in Deep chat room schedule mystic messenger.

Think of these hearts as free points to convert into HG rather than affection ratings. To be honest, Seven and Vanderwood are my favorite characters! I followed your advice and set up alarms with some loud sounds. The first days were hard to get used to, but now I regularly stay up until AM or so without any bad consequences.

You said never to leave the house. Even if it was a joke, I actually did not leave my room let alone the house for 11 days. I remember so clearly that I had a notepad and a calculator with me at all times to keep track of my hourglasses and missed chats and stuff.

I also remember clearly that I spammed multiple people multiple times with the lyrics of Mysterious Messenger in caps, that my diet consisted of chips and Dr. My sleep, my social interactions, everything! Every morning. I still ditch studying and social life for any new chatroom or day Chat room schedule mystic messenger that comes up. Not like i had a social life anyway, lol.

In the time after I posted that comment, I have managed to turn being friends after dating my class into MysMe trash cans and cosplay as the first MC multiple times.

OMG yes! MM took over my whole life for a solid two weeks and it was a bit overwhelming, but so satisfying!! LOL you too sweetie!! My tips are to start the game at 10 am to get the full experience. Be sure to read them before a new one appears. An important thing to know is that the hearts you earn during the game can be used to buy hourglasses. Hopefully my tips helped you in some way! Why do you wake up at 3 am? I had all sorts of issue with the app.

It would freeze up on me all the time. It would only work chat room schedule mystic messenger right after updates. I spent a ton of hour glasses. I even spent google play point on it. Thank goodness for google rewards. But I only got through both Zen and Yoosung stories before I had enough. I always thought the game was based on Korean time because most chats took place in things a single to do morning hours.

It would be afternoon out there because of the 12 hour difference. Zen called me one time at 4 am. I use to get emails at all hours when the game worked properly.

But overall, I had fun. No breaks no nothing, that I would say is true hell. But being sleep deprived for almost 10 weeks during a school year was worth it.

I only became very mad when after I played the game when I found the game save feature. In short: this game has made me a better, albeit sleep-deprived, person. This was super helpful and I am so excited to start playing.

Chat room schedule mystic messenger [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)