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Link Post. On the old account I got one chatroom slot for free, but on the new account I have to purchase a chatroom slot? You may use the slot whenever you wish -- it will always remain with you. Imvu chat room slot sale [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Live chat: Live Chat. How do I earn Credits? How do I become a VIP member? Issues and Bug Reporting. IMVU Hangout. Veca Veca. My account is locked because activity that happened way back dec i gave all card info and the state id but each time i call i get new case worker who wants more and more info posted by: PinkiePieSwear 0 Commments. Making a room public is easy.

Free Chat Room Slots are no longer given to new users

Just follow these steps: STEP 1. If you are having issues, click here. STEP 2. Click on Chat Rooms.


STEP 3. Click on Manage. The gray boxes will tell you how many Chat Room Slots you have left. An empty Chat Room Slot allows you to publish more public rooms. To know how to get more Chat Room Slots, check out this article. STEP 4. Click on Create a Room. Yes, even VIPs can get as many additional slots as they wish!

Yes, the slot is yours to keep after the one-time purchase. You may use the slot whenever you wish -- it will always remain with you. The limit of 10 users at a time remains with additional Public Rooms. Like with default Public Rooms, these Slots will only remain open if the user is not disabled or inactive for more than 90 days.

IMVU chatroom slots: NEW UPGRADES!

Live chat: Live Chat. Information Content. What is the Chat Room Slot, and how much is it? Do I get a furnished room with every slot I buy? Can I purchase as many Slots as I wish?

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