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December 15, March 21, November 16, November 26, Often, this live gameplay footage also has voice-over commentary or even picture-in-picture video of the gamer, who talks through his or her progress. The services are professionally run YouTube is owned by Google and Twitch by Amazon and have strict guidelines on what can and cannot be broadcast, but language can be adult in tone at times.

How to Contact PlayStation Support (PS4/PS3)

There are also live text chat options with every stream, so there can be some offensive comments posted. The type of game streamed determines the type of viewer it attracts and therefore the level of interaction. Pokemon, for example, would be safer than a shoot-em-up like Call of Duty.

One of the biggest concerns for parents is not the interaction players are having with their approved online friends, but those with others they are playing with or against in multiplayer, online games.

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This is often through a headset with a microphone, although they can also use the mic built into a peripheral such as the Kinect for the Xbox or PlayStation Camera for the PS4. These can be especially worrying for parents as it is tricky to monitor what players are saying to each other.

Also, the interaction is often not limited to those in a friends list but complete strangers of all different ages can communicate while playing.

Starting or quitting voice / video chat

A gamer can ask your child to add them as a friend, for example, during a game even if they have never met before. That way, even though they might talk to someone online during a gameplay session, the interaction cannot be followed up.


The non-profit research group analyzed high-subscriber-count YouTube channels and new videos they posted during the first week of Jan. Frank Pearce, one of the three co-founders of game developer Blizzard Entertainment, is leaving the company.


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Can You Video Chat On The PS4?

I had to create a new one and lost all my games i purchased. While the makers of burner phones were once criticized for making it easier for criminals to communicate, it seems unlikely Microsoft and Sony will face the same scrutiny not that they should.

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