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Check out Are poll-style questions ever acceptable on meta sites? Normally you'll need posts to self-promote, but with an upgraded membership you can do so with your first post. New sites are being added nearly every day! Science fiction chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The poll will have 4 initial answers: Yes, would be interested in participating if such a room existed on SFF chat I would be interested in reading the room's transcripts but probably would not participate in the chat myself. Unsure, depends on details or alignment of Saturn. No interest at all. Just to be clear: This question is only a poll to gauge interest in such a room. Polls are generally discouraged It's better off to let people post real answers than to create proscriptive ones.

Catija - "real answers" have a problem of containing information not germane to what is being asked, and therefore votes on them don't accurately reflect the true opinion of people on specific topic. Not to mention votes based on liking a user, or their rhethorical skills, etc Why not just create the room? If no one cares enough to go in, it auto-freezes and deletes. It's not like this science fiction chat room suck up resources or count against a room limit.

Skooba - not in the least. I was trying to keep the "alignment of Saturn" humor going as well.


That's not at all like Mos Eisley's current culture. I am not interested in forcing something on people who have different interests and opinions from me. I might take part. Visit ScifiConventions for complete listings! Fantasy Sites focusing on fantasy in books, film, television, etc. Film and TV Production Special effects and other film and tv production facilities, info, etc. Gaming Games of all types science fiction chat room sites for publishers, tournaments, etc.

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chat room ?

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DragonBaby Well-Known Member. Joined Oct 28, Messages I asked this over on the general board but no one seemed to know.

I keep hearing mentions of chat, and I know there used to be an ascifi chat room. But I dunno where the chat room is?


Do you have stargate or general sci fi chats at all, and where is it you go?

Science fiction chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)