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Late Feb Early March Babies! To be honest though all these things make it much more obsessive and for many people turn sex into a chore. Please utilize this Pregnancy and Fertility Chat Room , pregnancy and fertility forums and this pregnancy and fertility social network for you to become part of a world wide support group to help you get through your fertility and pregnancy. A Do I have a chance? Trying to conceive chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I am one of the few that will tell you the ugly truth, but we do it very, very gently with lots of hugs and sympathy. The other negative thing is that some people have been there for years and there tend to be "cliques," which we all know can get very annoying, but that's on the parenting side of the boards. The TTC boards are not that way at all.

Another thing, threads get deleted all the time when someone gets the tiniest snarky. Which is maybe why there's so much koombaya-ness there It's a great site though, I highly recommended it!

Good luck! Women who are trying to conceive are very very helpful and supportive. You should trying to conceive chat room it :. Source s : Mommy to 24 month old daughter :. Existing questions. Mary Kayser :.


Pregnancy test calculator Use this calculator to help you decide when to take your first home pregnancy test. Also let everyone in the chat know that mrykayser referred you :.


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Ovulation pain? T Currently 1 dpo Who is with me? Come to my Pee Party!!!

Trying to conceive chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)