Hatsune miku dating sim game

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Idol Days Sim Date Game

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This can be used for activities such as talking to potential love interests and improving your guitar skills. There's no need to guess how much HP is needed per action as everything is labeled, complete with the stat gains you get by performing them.

To really get you into the spirit of the game, a busy city is there for you to explore. There's a music studio, a cafe, a cinema and more interesting area. Each one has its own activities and stat boosts to offer.


Meanwhile, visiting shops gives you a chance to purchase gifts ex. CD Album, Game Bro for your dates --just make sure you have enough virtual cash for it.

HATSUNE MIKU DATING SIM!? - Let's Play: To You of The Future I Give Every Song (Ep.1)

Though it does have a storyline that makes you want to watch Nana, the main objective is still to charm the game's eligible bachelors. It was originally produced in Russian and was first released in December The English translation was released in November when the game was made available on Steam.


The game includes some adult content which was removed from the Steam release [5] though it is easily restored. Semyon is a reclusive year-old living in a large city somewhere in the early 21st century Russiaspending most of his time hatsune miku dating sim game his flat interacting with others on his computer and earning enough to keep the bills paid.

Semyon soon discovers it is hatsune miku dating sim game Pioneer Camp populated by youth, including several attractive girls who show interest in him; furthermore, he has reverted to his year-old self and it is now the mids Soviet Union.

In the days that follow, Semyon must navigate the relationships and possibly find love with the various people he encounters, while trying to solve the mystery of how and why online dating plattformen was brought to this place, and how to escape and return to his former life once it becomes evident he may be trapped in a time loop.

The game uses texts and sprites in a manner similar to many Japanese visual novels and runs on the Ren'Py visual novel engine. Sequel to Miku Miku Date.


Specially because of Kaito Shion, who will stand on your way. Dozens of good and bad endings! After your chaotic relationship with Haku, you are ready to move on and stay single for a while

Hatsune miku dating sim game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)