Whos nikki bella dating

It's actually not a total shocker because the duo had some serious chemistry. And that was happening for a while. This story has been shared 9, times. Entertainment Television, LLC. Neither of that happened to me. Whos nikki bella dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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How Nikki Bella Reacted to Seeing John Cena With Another Woman

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Now On Now on Decider. Weekdays Where to watch. Kelly's live-in girlfriends pursuing careers in modeling, acting. More Stories. Turns out there was no need—because sometimes the right relationship finds you whos nikki bella dating pulls you back out onto the dance floor. Because now, a source reveals to E! She and the Russian-bred ballroom pro, 36, were first partnered up on Dancing With the Star 's 25th season in and though they didn't win the coveted mirror ball trophy, they may have found a better prize.

Nikki Bella reacts to John Cena dating another woman

Having remained in touch post-elimination, the pair began whos nikki bella dating out following Bella's summer split—in the Total Bellas trailer she confesses to him that she's "single" while giving him the definitively flirty hair flip—and are now casually dating. They're both extremely busy with their own careers, so they spend time together when they can. In other words, Chigvintsev wasn't the one escorting her around on Valentine's Day —that honor belonged to brother-in-law Bryan Danielsonwho she told E!

Who Is Nikki Bella Dating?

News "wanted to include me" in his Feb. The vibe appeared decidedly romantic when the former dance partners split wine and appetizers during a late February outing to Wally's Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Finally Confirm They’re Dating

Even more so at their Joan's on Third lunch date this past Saturday. He opened the car door for her and helped her get in. She's certainly earned a bit of levity.


For most people, going through a break-up ranks somewhere below getting a root canal and being audited by the IRS on list of things that are super desirable. And I think when you look at yourself as such a strong woman, you think, like, 'I don't have these down days. And that's just, that's life. And so I'm even learning from myself as I'm watching myself.

Inward reflection is great and all.


Imagine for a second that all of your friends took your ex's side in a split and harassed you about your decision at every turn. Worse yet, were the fans that assumed the issues were simply a storyline dreamt up by producers. So you could understand why, at that point, she was just over it. John's response to his life after Nikki is a little more understated. The short answer to whether Nikki is dating is yes, but it's never that simple.

With such a complex history with John — almost vowing their lives together — it's hard to say if this romance with Artem will go the distance, or if Nikki just needs to have a little fun. Regardless, the WWE star and her twin sister, Brie, know what they want and have no shame going after it. Wishing both Nikki and John the whos nikki bella dating, whether they ultimately end up together, or not.

Whos nikki bella dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)