Wife says she needs time to find herself

Years ago this kinda happened to me with another woman I can empathize ith your cousin, I think I'm in a mild stage of depression. She might then find herself reassuring him, taking care of him and avoiding doing anything that might upset him or make him feel insecure. You can watch all my videos here and read my blog articles here. Wife says she needs time to find herself [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

From what I read in your post, I think I said and did a lot of similar things to what you dd. Here's what I learned from the experience, and it may apply to yours only you can decide that. I believe that only she can give herself happiness.

If she says she needs to find herself, then I think she needs to find herself. If it was me, I would encourage her to do so. Do you want a relationship with an incomplete woman? I think its encouraging that she says she will go to counseling. Unfortunately, my ex has refused all attempts to do so. The counseling might help her address some of these issues and might help you guys out. If she doesn't go, I think that she probably won't change.


I'm not saying that people can't change without counseling, I'm just saying that my experience with people who are very negative about themselves is that they do not magically grow out of it one day. I think they will keep beating themselves up because that is all they free and easy chat rooms. I believe that my ex, and perhaps your wife, needs to love herself before she can love anyone else.

Years ago this kinda happened to me with another woman I confirmed that she was with another guy. As bad as that hurt, I was able to move on quicker. I decided to get on with my own life and find another better thn her Originally Posted by Crazyaboutdogs. Last edited by johndoe13; at AM. Are you sure she is not having an affair? Her sudden attention to how she looks and her obsession with it sounds like there may be another man she is trying to impress You two have been together a long time.

Many men feel victimized by drama. They believe they have no choice but to accept it. Then they complain about it constantly…only to attract MORE drama. I keep trying to find different ways of saying the same thing to you so that it starts to sink in.

The drama free man is a guy who is comfortable in his wife says she needs time to find herself, he has a low heart rate just like a mountain lion does about 50 beats per minute. You want to get in there and find some sense of peacefulness and calmness in yourself. Calmness and peacefulness and wellbeing is always inside you. I say yes. I tell Micheal about it and he tells her to get a hold of me.

I see her so I talk to her about it.

My wife wants to find herself. She says she's fallen out of love, headed for divorce?

I fort of her friends trynna figure out what's wrong. He quit his job, finished Grad school, joined a Gym and made new friends and I can see how he has bounced back even stronger than before.

My Girlfriend Is Trying To Find Herself - Here's Why & What To Do.

While his ex wife just bumped from guy to guy, just last week he told me his ex wife called him and wants to get back togather with him. He simply flipped her off because his life is much better now, he is dating girls that are much more beautiful than her and more successfull than her.

Buddy just stop thinking about her, she is not the only girl in the world. Go out have fun, improve yourself and trust me things will start getting better for you. I know its not easy but that is the only option you have, if she has moved on than so should you. Dwelling about the past will only make you sad and will eventually lead to depression, don't do this to yourself man.

I saw what my cousin went through but he picked himself up and came out wife says she needs time to find herself than before, I don't want you to go through the same pain he did at the early stages of his divorce. Don't appologize, my best friend is telling me the same thing. I can empathize ith your cousin, I think I'm in a mild stage of depression. Didn't leave my bed today but to throw some towels in the wash.


Tonight has been horrible on my emotions. She came home from work and was so cordial and almost loving. She even paid attention to our dog. She although has left again for her girlfriends, she says I'll be able to cope with things better if she's not around. Than you need to do the same thing to, go out with your friends and have fun.

Just keep yourself busy, by laying all day in your bed your just making it wife says she needs time to find herself for yourself. Go out have fun and go back to work bro, no point of skipping work because she is not skipping her work. Just keep yourself busy with productive activities, I have seen my cousin do the same and he is a much better and stronger person than he was when he was married. Yeah, I know, easier said than done.

I've been trying to keep my mind off things today as much as possible. First I want to say as a woman from the bottom of my heart I feel your pain.

Sometimes when people marry young this can happen. She thinks it will be so much fun going out, etc. So many people are looking for a secure relationship with someone who loves them. Just like notorious eagle wrote, your wife may find the grass isn't greener and she'll bounce from guy to guy. SHE does not deserve what you have given her.

Wife Said She Needs Space To Find Herself, What Should You Do?

It looks concrete she is leaving. Right now, your sufferring will not ease up because she is still living there.

Wife says she needs time to find herself [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)