Flirt pole dog toy

How a Flirt Pole Works: You drag the toy on the ground in a circle, they chase and tug, with rules. But I didn't want a simple flirt pole, I wanted the best flirt pole possible. Using a flirt pole with a cloth or rag is common with trainers who train for lure coursing and other activities where high prey drive is desired, and is referred to as "rag work". After intensive workouts with a Flirt Pole, just like any human, your dog needs to refuel on all the good stuff:. Guys, I want you to meet your new BFF. Flirt pole dog toy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I was angry and decided to design my own. Sure, you can make a simple DIY flirt pole following instructions online. But I didn't want a simple flirt pole, I wanted the best flirt pole possible.

Our Flirt Poles are made in the USA using components tested for durability, strength, safety and light weight. Imagine a quiet evening at home after a long, grueling day at work. Your furry best friend is sleeping like a log, tuckered out from playing with the Flirt Pole. You are relaxed too. Comforted knowing you are helping your four-legged family stay happy and healthy while still having time to put your aching feet up and let your body soak into soft cushions.

This could flirt pole dog toy your night too!

Impulse Control Training - Flirt Pole Fun with Your Dog

I have tried our Flirt Pole with all 4 of my dogs and they all love it! It's really sturdy and I don't have to worry about anything breaking when even my biggest dog tugs.


Great toy for a great price with fast shipping! One of most popular products we stock. Great service and support. Fast shipping. I use the Squishy Face flirt pole with my training clients. It is durable and easy to use and great fun for our dogs. It helps us teach control and positioning.

I have never had a dog damage it as I have with other poles. Occasionally the dog will, or must be allowed to, catch the lure.

This is a necessary part of the exercise; dog games that never reward flirt pole dog toy dog for their hard work tend to make them distraught and unbalanced. For this reason, bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs have been found to become mentally unhinged if they never find bombs or drugs and are occasionally taken on dummy missions where they have successful finds.

Additionally, once the dog has caught the lure, the trainer can engage in pulling exercises by tugging at the pole and encouraging the dog to pull back creating a " tug-o-war " in order to keep its prize. When the trainer is ready, he or she gives the dog a command to release the lure and may resume swinging the pole or end the session. The flirt pole used to condition dog for running and jumping. Dogs have a natural prey drive that compels them chase after and kill prey, typically flirt pole dog toy animals.

The long pole and flexible rope make it easy for the trainer to use momentum to make the lure move fast even faster than the dog can runchange directions quickly or move at variable heights. The more the trainer can maneuver the pole and rope to make the lure emulate the way a small animal moves even if the lure is non-animal, flirt pole dog toy, such as a ragthe more interest the dog keeps in the object.

Even though the basis of the flirt pole is engaging the dog's prey drive, these exercises do not necessarily flirt pole dog toy the drive. In fact, many trainers like to use the flirt pole to give dogs an opportunity to express prey drive in a non-destructive way, and use the flirt pole as a part of the training and socialization. In general, dogs that are inclined to run, jump, and chase enjoy the play time with this type the google of online dating equipment that allows them to indulge in their natural tendencies.

Flirt poles are often used in specific types of dog training. Dog must lie down, look at you, leave the toy alone, and wait for you to release them, before playing.


If your dog has bad joints or injuries that could be aggravated by quick changes of direction and jumping. Practice with treats first, then a tug toy, then move on to the flirt pole.

How to Build A Flirt Pole (Exercise equipment for dogs)

If you do not know the dog well. You know your dogs. It flirt pole dog toy be great to have a legitimate excuse Great idea!! Thanks a million! I love flirt poles!

Tie a toy to the end we prefer the skineez-style stuffing free toys and…voila! You have a flirt pole. With my reactive dog, I do find we have to limit flirt pole play to a few times a week. It is a great way to tire her out, but it does get her arousal level up. This is what I use for my two dogs. They always manage to get me though, by coming at it from both directions, clever herding dogs. The other great thing about the chat room is that they are constructed as one solid piece from tip to handle, so they are extremely durable and can take a lot of force.

A word of warning those with particularly intense and intelligent dogs, my aussie mix decided very quickly that the best way to win the toy was not flirt pole dog toy chase it, but to follow the line of the rope and pole to my hand and take it down at the source! Wear gloves! They are fantastic even for non-dinos.

I use it with my parents boxer in the yard and in agility! We used it in obedience class for a non-food motivated pup worked great as a reward for recall exercises and the parents reported such great success at home in both tiring him out and maintaining focus during training. I have a rope with a toy tied to it that I use inside for my two boy cats and my pit bull always gets in on it! Even more than the cats!

I thought I had invented a new kind of game, but now I see everyone has been doing it! Great instructions and video! I want bright colored tape on things! Even though you have one already, I think you should make a new flirt pole — just so you can get your fun-color-tape on! Two of our dogs use flirt poles — my 3-year-old pit bull and my 6-year-old Pug mix. I have three pit bulls at home, only one will work the flirt pole. The trouble is, Rocky is afflicted with ataxia.

He has a very high energy level, thankfully he is a sturdy dog! The flirt pole really gets him going, and is a great way to quickly burn off excess energy. I made one with a bamboo pole, flirt pole dog toy, thin rope and worn out unstuffed playtoy. Almost zero cost! I want to add one benefit of the flirt pole: most dogs come with the natural, innate instinct to chase things, catch things, and bite things.

Flirt Pole (106cm) - Interactive Exercise Dog Toy

Our trainer suggested this flirt pole and after watching the video it looks amazing, especially for our reactive male but I am very concerned about a possible injury.

Flirt pole dog toy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)