Zelens flirt mascara review

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This one from La Prairie passes our intense color and volume test, but it also conditions and hydrates your lashes to keep them healthy.

The thin brush separates lashes and ensures that the formula is distributed evenly everywhere. It's also water resistant, which is a huge plus. We think it's safe to say that we all want long lashes.


This mascara from Tom Ford gives us just that by giving our lashes an intense curl. The most expensive mascara on this list is packed with super ingredients that take care of your lashes.

Its formula is made with mineral salts, seaweed extract, and rosewater for the ultimate nourishment. It also contains peptides that not only encourage lash growth, but lashes come back stronger than before.


So if you're thinking of investing in a high-end mascara, you can't go wrong with any of the nine on this list. Byrdie uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. This is my first real exploration into Zelens makeup and I was keen to try it as I always love how flattering a brown mascara can be.

This latest launch brings us Brown for a soft, day time look. The formula uses a bio-available Zelens flirt mascara review that has been proven to stimulate keratin genes which promote lash growth.

Shiso leaf prevents skin sensitivity and Palm Oil helps to restore natural oils. Zelens Flirt Mascara contains 2 special silicones with conditioning properties.

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One increases lash volume while the other one helps to separate the lashes. It also uses Colourspheres which are encapsulated pigments that make colour intense and long lasting, and also has a volumising effect. Definitely not something we want near our eyes! I find the wand on the mascara a little shortbut this will make it a great travel zelens flirt mascara review. It is also a little smudgy.

Although this is not labeled as a volume mascara, one can build volume with a few extra layers. The wand gives good lash separation and the mascara is easy to remove with eye makeup remover. Zelens products combine powerful high-performance active biotechnology ingredients with the unique blend of plant-derived zelens flirt mascara review with potent anti-aging and healing properties. It is the ultimate treatment mascara — it conditions and promotes lash growth, lengthens, volumizes and separates.

It has pretty packaging and is easy to remove. This formula is made of all-natural ingredients distilled water, black kaolin, argan oil and cosmetic grade soy wax. I found the packaging a little basic, but boy, this mascara delivers massive lashes!

It is true to its name in that department. Easy to remove. This natural mascara is made of organic ingredients that promise to nourish your lashes.

Zelens flirt mascara review [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)