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However, the feature would work well for business networking purposes. Teens are more likely to have a large number of Facebook friends. Open the Facebook app on your Android. Find local facebook friends [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) WHERE TO MEET WALL STREET GUYS

When you fly into an airport, you could see if friends are there too that you could split a ride with. Facebook has recently been highlighting its new focus on standalone apps with its new Creative Labs initiative and the launch of Paper. Imagine if the ads you saw in your News Feed were for restaurants or shops a block away.

Those would surely be more relevant to users and more effective for businesses. For being a feature that constantly shares your proximity to friends or your exact location, Facebook tried to make it respect our privacy. You can turn it off any time with a few taps. You can set who sees your proximity, they find local facebook friends to be sharing their proximity with you to see yours, you have to explicitly share exact location, and unless you set it to share indefinitely, your exact location will disappear within a day.

The way the product is built is safe by default. Location is not precise by default.


That will includes bosses, co-workers, family memebers, and random people they met once but accepted a friend find local facebook friends from. People will forget to turn it off. This video from Tech Crunch shows exactly how this works. If you feel this is find local facebook friends bit intrusive, take a look at the Location Settings.

On the Location Settings screen, slide the slider to the left to turn off Location History. While you are the only who can see this log it is not shared with friends you can remove your history if you prefer. Learn more about Facebook Nearby friends on the Facebook help page. For those with teens who are active on Facebook, this would be a great time to review their Friends lists.

Teens are more likely to have a large number of Facebook friends. They could be sharing their whereabouts with hundreds of people.


Again, this is an opt-in feature, so talk with your teen about whether they should use this feature if they have Facebook on their phone. So what do you think? Does this feature sound like a good idea?

This button lets you select friends and share your location by sending them an invite to Nearby Friends. Tap and check the box next to a friend's name.

How to search Facebook friends by area

You can select as many friends as you want. Tap the blue paper plane icon. This button is in the lower-right corner of your screen. It will invite the friends you've selected to Nearby Friends. Search their first and last name in the white bar at the top.

Facebook will recommend people by closet match and closest location. Yes No.

5 Essential Things You Should Know About Facebook Nearby Friends

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Find local facebook friends [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)