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How to disable location tracking for specific apps Location tracking can be super helpful for certain apps. Using the app you can get a notification when one of the friends you follow arrives at or leaves a location. In this guide, you can find many methods which can fix find my friends location not available issue on your iPhone. If you are facing the problem of find my friends location not updating often, you can use an advanced tool for fixing it. Find my friends location services always on [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Open Find My Friends. Tap Add. Hide your location You can hide or stop sharing your location with your friends. Just follow these steps:. Open Find My Friends and tap Me.

Then turn off Share My Location. Tap Done. You'll see Not sharing location next to Me at the bottom of the screen.

Secretly Track Someone's Using Your iPhone [How-To]

Stop sharing your location If you don't want your friends to see your location in Find My Friends, you can stop sharing from the app on your iOS device or on iCloud. Turn off Share My Location. Select Me. You can also share which location you want shared. For example, you can send a notification to a friend when you arrive at an airport so they know where to meet you. Notifications can be repeated so you can send a notification every time you arrive or leave a location.

Slide on Repeat Every Time to send a notification automatically. For instance, you can use Repeat Every Time to get a notification every time your child arrives at home. Because the app shares location information automatically, it can be used to find people when they are in danger. In one case a missing college student in Georgia was found using the Find My Friends app. He had been find my friends location services always on and did not answer his phone, so his friends used the Find My Friends flirting lines through to locate him.

They discovered him unconscious and severely injured.

Set up and use Find My Friends

In another case, a hiker in the U. Have you ever used Find My Friends? When do you find it the most useful? Do you find the app cool or creepy? Do you like the idea of the app saving lives? Email address:. I hope you are able to decide easily whether Find My Friends works well for you.

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You can share your location with up to friends and follow the location of up to friends.

Find My Friends: Location issues

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iOS Quick Tip: Find My Friends on iPhone & iPad

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