Find wii friend code

Locate your Friend Code. Read the information that came with your game to see what online play features are available and, if necessary, set up a time online to play against or with friends. This feature was disabled with WiiConnect24 on June 28, Click OK again. Find wii friend code [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Alternatively, you can click on the small arrow to the left side of the screen to flip to the cover page. Write down this number. Give this number to your friend.

Nintendo Wii Friend Codes

Determine your friend's Wii console number. Have your friend follow the same steps as shown above to determine his or her number. You and your friend must both add each other to your consoles in order to send messages to each other and to exchange Miis.

How to add a Wii friend code

Add your friend to your Wii Address Book. Open the Address Book. Click on Register. Here, you are given two options: register a friend's Wii find wii friend code, or register another form of contact e. Click on Wiilocated to the left. A small screen will appear that reads "Enter a Wii Number". Click on this middle box to open a screen to enter your Wii number. Enter your friend's 16 digit Wii console number. When you are finished, press OK.

In some games, players compete against others in real time, in others, players can chat or, for instance, send each other videos. Each has its own procedures to pursue online play. Make sure your Wii is connected to the Internet through a broadband connection. They will receive it through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and it will appear in their own Message Board.

You can also connect with them in the Nintendo Mii channel.

How to find Wii Friend Code

Send them Miis that you have created or receive their own creative Miis. Multiplayer online games use their own Wii friend codes rather than the number tied to your console. For instance, Mario Kart Wii has its own digit code system.

Click on "Friends" using the Wii remote.


When you add friends on the Wii, you connect your Wii consoles to each other. Adding Wii friends enables you to play games with or against them. You can also send messages, chat, share photos, and even talk them if you both have a Wii Speak Microphone. User Info: BradMacd I think you were thinking about the Wii Friend Code when you said that. Does anyone know what a Wii Find wii friend code is and how to get it?

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As for Wii Friend Codes, you will find them in-game when you have connected to the internet with that game at least once For Mario Kart you will find your FC on your profile- a 12 digit number.

Find wii friend code [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)