Prayer for my daughter to find friends

I have prayed for her in this situation before, but to be honest, I have not prayed continuously and by truly believing. Please pray for us. Please pray one person reaches out to be a friend. Please pray that my son does the same, and that he opens his heart to those around him that are also in want of companionship. Help me and my child ren choose friends that speak truth, not just what is easy and comfortable. Prayer for my daughter to find friends [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Please pray for my child as he is so lonely. My heart is aching for him as he sits home every night. Please pray for him to find his way…. My son started preschool in August and since then he has fallen ill twice. He hates going to school and the teacher says he has no friends.

He does not want to go to school. He is depressed, anxious and disturbed. I cannot bear to see him this way. He is going to be 3 in November. I have prayed and prayed a lot for him to start going to school happily like the other kids but now I pray to Flirtomatic chat flirt date that I have left this situation in his hands and I ask him to help my son.

Please pray for us. Please pray for my son. We are in a new state and far away from his friends. He is having trouble accepting his new home town and school.

No one talks with him at school and he is sad all the time, it is breaking my heart. Please pray that God sends him good friends as quickly as possible and that he starts to see the good things and enjoys living in his new town. Please pray for my daughter. prayer for my daughter to find friends

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She is having a hard time with some girls. They used to be friends now they have totally alienated her. For no reason just because.

Prayer for child to make friends at school

In addition anyone that she r eschews out to they start including so tat they too abandon her. It is hard to see her go through this.

She cries a lot and I feel she is depressed. She wants to cell phone dating service to another school. I am sad and need your prayers for true friends to come in her life. Please pray for my son to make new friends at his new high school. I recently just married and we have moved what to ask someone you re dating a new city.

This move has been very hard on him since 1 he is starting high school and 2 he has left all his friends. He had a freshman orientation the other day and as soon as he was finished he called me right away to tell me that he already knows he is not going to fit in. I told him to stay positive and that he will make friends but we all know that, that is the last thing teenagers want to hear.

I was a teenager myself when I had him. We grew up together so it pretty much has been just me and him. It hurts me to see him depressed. I know He is always watching our children. Let us be hopeful. Like all of u i also have the same as your problems but i always pray that God gives her true friends. True enough,she has a classmate friend and i think she is an angel. She always help my kid if there is needed. She found a true friend on him. I am so thankful that as the days go by,there is additional friends.

Thanku very much Jesus for giving hope and understanding. Please pray for our only child, a lovely 12 year-old girl. The girls at Catholic School, several of whom are also on her team, interact with prayer for my daughter to find friends at school and at practice, but never invite her to their homes or to hang out. She has known these girls since Kindergarten. It breaks our hearts parents to see her excluded, prayer for my daughter to find friends.

We have no idea what the problem is. These girls will come to her birthday parties or come to our house, now and then, but rarely gets invited. She has always been spiritual and maybe that convicts spirits. She is easily the prettiest girl in school and the team- could it be jealously? We are very sad for our sweet daughter and ask for your prayers. God Bless. Sending prayers to God for my 9 year old daughter, Erin. She has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. She is home schooled because of it.

She is very lonely and the girls in the neighborhood are cruel to her because she is quiet and sensitive. Please help me pray for her to find a sweet girl like her who loves being a young girl playing with her dolls.

Please, God, send my daughter a companion that she can have a life long bond with. My baby girl deserves so much more than this.

If we need to move to make it happen, please open those doors. Please pray for my granddaughter, she is 9 years old and is a sweet and quiet girl. She invites girls to come to her home, but none ask her to their homes or events.

My daughter is thinking of changing her school, because they are in a different economic class from the other children, they are prayer for my daughter to find friends a very high financial class, and maybe starting at a new school. We are not sure this is the right thing to do. We all feel helpless to help her and we need guidance from you Lord.


My daughter too started in a new school and is not making friends. There is a group of girls who make comments about her and excludes her from activities.

She spends her breaks in the bathroom or library as not to be rediculed. Please pray for her to make friends and soften the hearts of those around her. I pray for all of you too! To All will be well.


Thanks for your words! I too am hoping my dtr will find happiness and feel comtfortable in college if it does not happen in high school. Difficult friendships and being betrayed so many times has scarred her and she does not trust and has trouble making friends. Please pray for her as she is a great girl and deserves so much better! I pray for all those having problems too. Thank you!

5 Ways to Pray for Your Kids’ Friendships

Please can you pray for my Daughter who has just started school in Sep and is finding it hard to make friends it breaks my heart to hear she does be on her own in the yard sometimes or that this child or that child keeps ignoring her.

I feel sorry for her as this is very hard for her can the Lord above please help her to make some friends. Guardian Angle please help my daughter make some friends in school I love her so much and just feel sick at the thought that she is on her own in the school yard.

Prayer For Godly, Good Friends - Prayer For Finding Blessed Friendships

Please pray for my 7 yo daughter too. She is very lively and intelligent, but sometimes comes across too strong, and as such been alienated by her peers. It breaks my heart when she tells me that she plays by herself during recess. Please pray for my son, and ALL these wonderful children. May they make a kind ,caring friend in school. We, as parents love them so much and want to protect them from loneliness. I also ask prayers for us parents who have cried many tears, continue to give us strength as our hearts are breaking for our children.

Please pray for my son as well. It is heartbreaking not to see him play with other kids. I worry about his future. Thank you and God Bless! She needs a small group of friends who will be nice and true friends to her. Please pray for my daughter who just started high school. She had to go to a different school away from her friends in elementary. She feels so lonely as there is only one girl who talks to her during lunch briefly and leaves her to go back to her other friends.

Please pray that she may soon find true friends in her new school. Click here to get started! Close Top Banner. Proverbs Lord, I ask that you would give my daughter discernment to pursue the right kind of relationships. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

By requesting this free Bible study you will begin receiving our weekly Monday Freebie email. Unsubscribe at any time. Time limit is exhausted. Pray 7 Sample Prayers! There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Lord, above all prayer for my daughter to find friends, help me to love with a pure heart and speak with grace.

Help me to be that kind of friend, not only to adults, but to my child ren. The example that I set in friendship starts with the love and grace I extend them. Let me begin earning their adult friendship now. Help me begin to learn how to be a good friend to my prayer for my daughter to find friends children while they are still so young.

And let them grow into good, Godly friends that live in love and grace as a reflection of the friendship we have with You. Marie Osborne is a wife, mama, and blogger who loves Jesus and large non-fat lattes. As a former high school theater geek, she currently uses all her acting and vocal training reading "Where Gretsch serial number dating Wild Things Are" and singing "Jesus Loves Me" before night-night time.

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Prayer for my daughter to find friends [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)