Man finds treasure with metal detector

Gobsmacked: David Sewell, who runs the Hidden History shop where Mr Carrington bought the Garrett Ace held in picture he used to find the buried treasure He only stopped searching the site because it was getting dark. B in four inches of sand. However, landowners are frequently fine with you looking for things on their land — and a verbal agreement that you share the value of what you find with them is enough. Bradshaw was right, digging 18 inches before discovering an ancient gold cup. Man finds treasure with metal detector [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It just might inspire you to start your own metal detecting adventure. What an amazing discovery! You never know what kind of treasures may be hiding just below the surface! We are a media startup founded with the goal of fighting boredom worldwide by engaging our readers with incredibly sharable content.

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12 Greatest Metal Detecting Finds of All Time

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The novice revealed he had bought a basic detector from a local shop and headed dating sites blackpool out to woods to try his new gadget. Hertfordshire Coroner Edward Thomas man finds treasure with metal detector that they did and the coins will now be sent to the British Museum for a formal valuation before they go up for auction.

Any proceeds made could be split between Mr Carrington and the owner of the land where the find was made.

Treasure Hunter Discovers the Finds of a Lifetime!! - Metal Detecting Adventure

Mr Carrington revealed he had exposed the treasure by copying techniques he had seen on a clip on YouTube. I just thought I would give it a go.


He said he bought the cheapest detector he could find and then headed to the local woodland near St Albans in Hertfordshire. I found a coin that was gold-coloured, with a Roman figure on it. He then found two together and as he carried on searching he reached a total of Lucky find: Mr Carrington discovered a hoard of solid-gold Solidi dating back nearly 1, years to the decline of the Roman Empire. The metal detectorist who found the fragments brought them to an auction house where over hours were spent putting the helmet together.

The finished helmet is everything you might expect from a helmet that old.

Treasure find man unearths rare brooch in Norfolk

It features a Roman face mask attached to a bronze cap with a griffin crest. While this might be enough for some, the persistent pair kept digging, eventually unveiling a man finds treasure with metal detector of gold and silver Viking treasure.

The pair took half the money, with the farmer whose field it was found on keeping the other half. The treasure has now been displayed at the British Museum and consists of a decorated gilt and silver cup, coins, a solid gold arm ring, brooch pins and other lumps of silver.

The hoard belonged to a Viking noble and was likely buried for safe keeping. While the sub-million-dollar-value finds rarely make the news, they do make the metal detecting forums, which can make for some pretty entertaining reading! There have been some pretty odd discoveries over the years, including an underground ant cave, a giant chain and a bundle of plastic pens. From ancient coins to random lumps of metal, learning about the history behind something can be more rewarding than the find itself!

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